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  • AI-based German. Integrated version 2 of the AI German language model with improved processing quality, F0.5 score increased by 0.05 points. Now the model produces fewer false positive results (incorrect suggestions).
  • Grammar engine. Updated 3rd party engine, LanguageTool, to version 5.8.0
    • Added and improved grammar rules for the next languages: Catalan, English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian.
    • Updated 3rd party component to fix vulnerability: CVE 2022-25647. Removed vulnerable Jetty libraries from the package. 
  • Dictionaries. Extended the German and English medical dictionaries with new terms reported by the clients (e.g. COVID-19, Moderna, AstraZeneca).

Custom dictionary API:

  • Words added to custom dictionaries can be divided by next separators: \n, Space, Tab, comma.
  • Formed the list of supported characters that can be added to the dictionary (letters, digits and some punctuation marks). Words containing only digits or punctuation as well as their combinations are not supported.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4349, GitHub #11951] WProofreader core: The caret moves to a different block when pressing space after a word with grammar error in CKEditor 5
  • [WP-4352] WProofreader core: Incorrect behavior of cursor restore during autocorrect in Draft.js

Breaking changes

[On-premise product version] Updated the automated install script:

  • Updated web_server_type values : 1 – Apache HTTP Server, 2 – NGINX, 3 – Other
  • Renamed web server related parameters:
    • restart_apacherestart_web_server
    • apache_config_dirweb_server_config_dir