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Note! On-premise product release only.


  • HTTP API. Added text splitting for the parameter text of check API command in case of AI-based languages such as English, German and Spanish. Initially only token parameter could be used where text was manually divided into sentences.
  • Java-based grammar engine troubleshooting. Extended logging mechanism with full stack trace in case of exceptions in the Java grammar module.
  • Increased default allocated memory value for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from 512 MB to 700 MB.
  • Improvised security. Excluded from the build vulnerable versions of 3rd party dependencies in the grammar engine module: logback-core:1.2, protobuf-java:3.17.2, jackson-databind:2.12.0.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-3967] WProofreader core: Vertical scroll inside <input> element
  • [WP-4210] WProofreader core: Broken styles for ‘ckeditor5’, ‘gray’ and ‘dark’ themes
  • [WP-4213] WProofreader core: Vertical scroll is shown in the <input> element
  • [WP-4214] WProofreader core: Horizontal scroll comes up after initialization in Google Chat editable area
  • [WP-4220] WProofreader core: Underlines are shifted when vertical scroll overlaps the content of <textarea> element