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Breaking changes

  • Final deprecation and removal of Spell Checker (“WSC”) plugin for CKEditor 4 and related components such as SSRV.CGI from the cloud and on-premise product versions. Check details in the troubleshooting article and official blog post.
  • Deployment on Java application servers are no longer supported. Removed the Java servlet “wscservice.war” file from Linux installation package along with automated installation steps on Java application servers. Manual configuration steps are still possible using the “Other” option but any misconfiguration issues are not covered by standard support service. 
    • Right now the installation on Linux-based environments is supported and automated for Apache HTTP Server only. Going further we expect to automate deployment on NGINX web server. 
    • For Windows-based environments the default web server is IIS.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4166] WProofreader core: After each error replace markup is removed in CKEditor 5
  • [WP-4167] WProofreader core: UI of dialog is broken when all suggestions are accepted in CKEditor 5
  • [WP-4168] WProofreader core: Wrong size of the error block for multi-string text
  • [WP-3363] AppServerX.xml: EnableUserActionStatistic parameter is missing in the on-premise product version