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  • [Cloud] Speed up the process of the service activation after the subscription. Previously it took around 5-10 minutes for the subscription to be activated. Now the service starts working right away.
  • Enable English, Spanish, French medical dictionaries for appropriate languages and their dialects. 
  • Enable dictionary-based spell check engine priority for AI-based Spanish and German. 

Breaking changes

  • The list of supported languages was shortened from 160+ to approximately 80+ languages. Only unpopular and unused languages were removed. However, clients who use on-premise product versions have an option to add missing languages manually (Hunspell spell check engine). The updated list of supported languages.
  • Withdrawn the limit on the number of languages that can be used within cloud or on-premise product versions. The on-premise version package is shipped with all supported languages. However, some of them are in the disabled state. They can be easily enabled using the instructions in the following guide. 

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4140] Words with apostrophe can’t be added to user dictionary