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  • The application server (AppServer) will not be stopped and show correct response to all API commands if there is any issue with the license. Previously if the license is absent or expired the AppServer stops working and it was unclean what is the root of the problem if not examine the AppSever logs.


Security improvements

  • As a part of security improvements we reviewed allowed HTTP methods for the cloud-based service. Allowed: POST, GET and OPTIONS.
  • Added the X-Frame-Options HTTP response header to avoid clickjacking attacks by ensuring that content is not embedded into other sites.
  • Added Strict-Transport-Security HTTP header to instruct the browser to only communicate via HTTPS. This will be enforced by the browser even if the user requests a HTTP resource on the same server.

Bug fixes

  • [WP-3983] Autocorrect: Incorrect replacement for “hte” in the English dialects.