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Enhancements & Bug fixes

  • WProofreader user interface is localized to the Luxembourgish language. The language code for localizations is lb.
  • [WP-3689] WProofreader: Styles broken when ‘padding: 0’, ‘margin: 0’ and ‘border: none’ are missing for the wrappers and badge

Breaking changes

Reconsidered the licensing mechanism for the server-based version of the WebSpellChecker package. The license is no longer validated by or tied to the hardware characteristics of a machine or server. 

This is the major step forward and improvement for those customers who are using WebSpellChecker in dynamic cloud environments or deploying it using containerized environments (e.g. Docker). Also, it means that the floating licensing mechanism is no longer needed.

Along with this the pricing model has been also adjusted to a new licensing approach. We’ve got rid of per server or per user pricing. For more details, please reach our sales department

If you are using Docker for WProofreader deployment, please check out the updated guide how to create a Docker image with built-in license.