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WebSpellChecker Server 4.9.2 Release Notes


  • SCAYT 3 for Editable Controls:
    • Improved behavior of the spelling and grammar detection mechanism when underlining incorrect words or phrases
    • Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Compliance (UI elements contrast enhancements, alternative text and titles for Screen-Reading tools, detailed SCAYT User Manual)
  • SCAYT plugin for CKEditor:
  • American English Dictionary: More than 42,000 new words
  • Spanish Dictionary: More than 160,000 new words
  • American Medical Dictionary: More than 2,500 new terms

Bug Fixes:

  • SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: “Unable to get property type of undefined or null reference” error in the browser console after Enable/Disable SCAYT in IE11
  • SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: GRAYT: Drag and drop in the middle between two words with a grammar problem
  • GitHub #148: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor: SCAYT leaves underlined word after the CKEditor replace dialog corrects it
  • SCAYT for Froala Editor: Console error in Safari Private Mode
  • Spanish Dictionary: Added a missing word “aerolínea”
  • American English Dictionary: Removed a misleading word “Theres”