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Newsletter. January 2009


In the first Newsletter of the Year 2009 we want to share our near-term plans and goals with you. It is important for us to have a feedback from you and go forward to meet your business needs.

FCKeditor Partnership
WSC and SCAYT plugins for FCKeditor

FCKeditor and established a partnership.

FCKeditorWebSpellChecker is an integrated spell checker in the new 2.6.4  beta version of the FCKeditor, which was released on January 15. Demo is available on the FCKeditor official site. Quote from the release announcement: “This new version introduces the WebSpellChecker integration, a zero-installation solution for spell checking provided by You will now have a wonderful spell checker running out of the box, requiring no server side installations and configurations.”
We are looking forward to the following partnership with FCKeditor.
The work on the SpellCheckAsYouType plugin for FCKeditor is in progress.

SCAYT Version 2.0
Improved SpellCheckAsYouType Product

SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) product lets the user see and correct misspellings while typing. User doesn’t need to click a button to start the SpellChecker. Misspelled words are marked with red. User just need to Right-Click marked word and select a suggestion to replace it with.
New coming version of the SCAYT has the following improvements:
prompt loading; quick and smart text processing; cross browsers support (apart from IE and FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera support); no server-side installation; editable controls support.New version of SCAYT is expected to be released in March, 2009.

Multiple Language Support
Support up to 80 languages

Multilple Languages SupportWe are working on the extension of the languages supported for spell-checking by the application.
Demo of the application prototype with the extended language support is available here. This demo of the application apart from 16 currently supported languages supports the following additional languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Welsh, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish and Arabic. We have plans to support up to 80 languages in
general. Additional languages support is being implemented using an open source Enchant library.

New Engine
Library for spell-checking

EngineWe are working on the development of the new engine. New improved engine will be optimized for multiprocessor systems. The quality of suggestions is going to be improved because of the special configuration and adaptation of suggestions generation algorithms for a particular language. Also high performance multiple language support will be realized in the new engine.

Thank you for your business! Please visit for details.



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