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WebSpellChecker Cloud Release Notes


WProofreader v2.2.3825

  • Improved keyboard navigation. Now along Enter key press, the action can be confirmed using Space.
  • Updated UI localization for the German language.

Grammar Engine

The 3rd party grammar engine, LanguageTool, has been upgraded to v4.7. As a part of this upgrade new and improved grammar rules for the next languages have been added: Catalan, Dutch, American and British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Bug Fixes


  • [WP-3029]: WProofreader: Native browser spellchecker is not disabled in CKEditor 5 when WProofreader is enabled which results in double underlines
  • GitHub #19: WProofreader requires unsafe-inline and unsafe-eval to work (CSP)

SCAYT Plugin for CKEditor 4

  • [WP-3050]: SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: Duplicated problems are not underlined properly
  • [WP-3070]:  SCAYT plugin for CKEditor 4: SCAYT doesn’t check text as you go, e.g. after pressing Space or Enter
  • GiHub #58: Content injection happening when viewing source (#58)

AppServer / Web API

  • [WP-3092]: AppServer: AppServer returns ‘Reason Phrase’ OK to all responses even if it is an ERROR
  • [WP-3094]: AppServer: AppServer returns 500 code instead of 400 when an incorrect value of lang parameter is specified