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Breaking changes

[On-premise product version] Updated the application server (AppServer) configuration file, AppServer.X.xml:

  • Added a new parameter / tag called CheckKit. It allows flexibly configuring the language settings.
  • Renamed a list of the existing tags in the AppServer.X.xml 
    • GrammarCheckProvider → GrammarCheck
    • SpellEngineOptions → SpellCheck
    • FullPath → Path (it can work in both sides with a absolute path and relative path)
    • SpellCheckEnginePriority → SpellCheckPriority
    • AutoCompleteCheckProviderOptions → Autocomplete + <Locale>en</Locale>
    • AutoCorrect → Autocorrect


  • BETA. English dialects support AI-based English under the hood. Implemented for next dialects:  American, British, Canadian and Australian English. By default it’s disabled but you can enable it as follows:
    • HTTP API: add “enforce_ai=true” to a query string;
    • WProofreader SDK integration: add “enforceAI: true” option to the configuration script.
  • New version of WProofreader core v3.7.4760
    • Added option/parameter to turn ON/OFF enhanced text checking powered by AI.
    • Updated the default path for the WProofreader core for the cloud product version from “servicePath”: “spellcheck31/script/ssrv.cgi” to “servicePath”: “api”.
  • Released v2.2.0 of the WProofreader plugin for CKEditor 5.  Added support of the Restricted editing mode.
  • Improved AI-based English proofreading mechanism. Better handling cases with hyphenated compound words (e.g. mother-in-law), various typographical symbols and punctuation, contraction of verbs (e.g. “it’s”).    
  • [On-premise product version] Updated the demo samples inside the package  to match the online version. By default the path to access the demos as follows: http: localhost/wscservice/samples/

Bug fixes

  • [WP-4399] WProofreader core: Styles were broken in the title of the JIRA issue [detected using browser extension]
  • [WP-4428] WProofreader core: Disabled autocorrect feature for Slate.js
  • [WP-4418] WProofreader core: Focus state shifted in Google Chat  [detected using browser extension]
  • [WP-4405] AppServer: “System exception“ error occurred during license activation
  • [WP-4442] [Cloud] BrE spelling: “tired” word marked as misspelled
  • [WP-4451] [Cloud] BrE spelling: “benifitting”/”benifitted” words are marked as misspelled
  • [WP-4443] AI engine: Incorrect handling suggestions to errors with zero length
  • [WP-4411] HTTP API: Checking text with “%” causes BAD URI syntax error