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WProofreader v3.2.4522

  • Default language changed from American English (en_US) to Auto Detect (auto). This will be applied if no language is predefined in configuration using lang option.
  • Added a new API option autoLangPriorities that allows to define priorities of languages detected by auto-detect. For example, if language auto-detect defines “en”, then British English (en_GB) should be used during check request. It is applicable only if “auto” is available and used as a default language.
  • The size of the squeezed badge is decreased by 40%. This state is enabled automatically for fields with small height and when entered text overlap the badge.  

Find out more about all available customization options for WProofreader in API documentation.


  • Added a new parameter auto_lang_priorities to the check command for specifying the language priorities when language auto-detect is used. 


Bug fixes


  • [WP-3887] WProofreader: Extra badge appears after copy/paste in Quill editor field