WProofreader SDK

WProofreader combines spell & grammar check as you type, aka SCAYT and in dialog mode functionality in one with an intuitive user interface. Integrated conveniently with virtually any HTML editable tag or modern WYSIWYG editor out there.

Have spell- and grammar checking up and running in your app in under 30 minutes.

Easy integration

Have spell and grammar checking up and running in your app in under 30 minutes.

Get truly global with 16 languages covered by default and 152 additionally available.

80+ languages

Go global with 80+ languages. Juggle 2+ languages easily when typing with the auto-detection feature.

The language changes every minute. We make sure to keep your spelling up-to-date with regular dictionary updates.

Evergreen dictionaries

Tired of Reddit being replaced with redish? Calm down, our evergreen dictionaries consist of buzzwords and modern terms to make you sound relevant.

We love when our clients enjoy our products. So we take every client’s need as our own.

Caring support

We love when our clients enjoy our products. So we take every client’s need as our own.

Fluently multilingual

WProofreader checks grammar and spelling in English, German, Spanish, French and 20+ languages

There are extra options – automatic language detection and spelling autocorrection:

  • No hassle around manual settings configuration – your proofreading engine is automatically fine-tuned for each and every language.
  • Autocorrect provides automatic text replacements for common misspelled words.

See the full list of supported languages and try demos ›

Universally accessible

WProofreader makes checking texts convenient for all users, regardless of the limitations they might be facing. The application can be navigated from keyboard, and its UI is designed to be universally readable.

Official compliance with WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 accessibility standards makes the Proofreader a tool of choice for all organizations, where these guidelines are strictly enforced.

See the keyboard navigation manual ›

Easily customizable

Total personalization is what sets WProofreader apart from the crowd. Plug and play with your digital proofreading assistant:

  • choose the primary language
  • speed up writing with language autodetect and spelling autocorrect
  • set localization of UI
  • disable tabs in settings
  • extend user dictionaries
  • personalize the look with new “gray” and “custom” themes

For the on-premise version, we offer even more room for personalization – our team can fine-tune the proofreading engine to meet any of your business needs.

Take a look at the API options ›

Domain specific

WProofreader allows personalizing the set of recognized words, creating your own dictionaries with specialized terminology, acronyms, proper names and so on.

It can be done either at user level, allowing each of your app’s users to create their own vocabulary, or at an admin level to set custom company-wide dictionaries.

You’re from the healthcare or legal industry? No problem, our specialized dictionaries cover the specifics of your niche.

Learn more about custom dictionaries ›

Frequently asked questions

The On-premises licensing is particularly suitable for companies with enhanced security requirements, since it allows all the proofreading requests to be processed within your own servers. The Cloud plans eliminate your infrastructure and maintenance costs for proofreading engine, ensuring quick start within your current setup.

If you still hesitate, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss the most suitable solution for you.

If you end up exceeding the limit, the service will stop working. However, our team monitors the usage, and notify customers beforehand with the proposal to purchase another set of words. In this case, the price depends on the potential customer usage (per year) and the price of the appropriate usage plan.

Please see the complete Terms of Service for the Cloud services. Also, we have an extensive Privacy Policy in place to protect your and your end users’ texts. Please see the details here.

Please check the Software License Agreement which contains the complete terms and conditions for downloading, installing and using the Server version of the WebSpellChecker software.

According to Commercial License Fees and Warranties clauses of our standard Software License Agreement, you have an option to request a refund of your commercial server license up to 30 days after the original date of purchase. However, such a refund option is possible only in case WebSpellChecker software breaches the given warranty.

After the 30-day period after the original date of purchase, refunds will not be available. To request a refund within 30 days of payment, please contact our sales team.


By default, WebSpellChecker doesn’t offer any discounts. Our goal is to build reliable and quality products available at the best price and to treat every customer equally. The prices are available for everyone so there’s no guessing or uncertainty around what you’re buying and how much it costs.

We do offer our customers Data Processing Addendum, it forms a part of Terms of Service. Here you can find all the materials related to our commitment and compliance with GDPR.

In order to request a quote or an invoice, please contact our sales team by specifying your order information.

WProofreader is an alternative product for the SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) plugin enabling  extra functionality and more convenient and freshly looking user interface with flexible customization options. When migrating from SCAYT to WProofreader you still get access to the same set of features. Moreover, both SCAYT and WProofreader use the same engines thus providing the same quality of spelling or grammar check. 

You can use WProofreader in:  

  • CKEditor 4 as well as for other text editors, for example, CKEditor 5, TinyMCE 4/5, Froala Editor, TinyMCE, Quill, Kendo UI (see the demos on our website), 
  • HTML editable controls such as input and textarea
  • Elements with a contenteditable attribute such as div, iframe, and others.

WProofreader advantages:

  • Modern UI, faster performance, and improved usability.
  • More options for UI and behavior customization for both Server and Cloud versions.
  • Proofreading in a separate dialog mode convenient for large texts.
  • Until now it was required to purchase subscriptions for two separate products when using SCAYT and WebSpellChecker Dialog (WSC) plugins. After migrating to WProofreader as you type mode of SCAYT plugin and dialog mode of WSC, their features are available now in one product. 

WProofreader cons:

  • You need to add configuration scripts on your page where proofreading is required; 
  • Since WProofreader has a different user interface, users may need some time to familiarize themselves with the badge icon and proofreading options and commands available.