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WebSpellChecker Cloud 5.2.2 Release Notes


1. WebSpellChecker Proofreader v1.2

1.1. Compliance with International Web Accessibility Standards (WCAG 2.1) & Keyboard Navigation

With this update in WebSpellChecker Proofreader 1.2, we have introduced a bunch of updates to meet the requirements of the international web accessibility standards from W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Specifically, we relied on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), including WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.

Visit WSC Proofreader Keyboard Navigation to learn more about the keyboard navigation in WSC Proofreader.

1.2. Additional Notifications and Progress Indicators

  • Spinner. Spinner on the dialog panel that is aimed indicating the progress of proofreading. Once the proofreading process is completed, the spinner will disappear.
  • Save changes. We added an extra notification, warning you from leaving the dialog with changes unsaved (without clicking ‘Finish Checking‘). This is made to prevent accidental loss of your proofreading results.

2. Grammar engine is updated for 8 languages

As a part of this upgrade new and improved grammar rules for the next languages: CatalanDutchAmerican and British EnglishFrenchGermanPortugueseRussian, and Ukrainian.

Bug Fixes

  • [WP-2384] WSC Proofreader: <span> elements of Proofreader are saved to DB of WordPress&Other systems and after saving are displayed on front-end.

Deprecation Notes

With the release 5.2.2 we stopped support of old plugins and list of the integrations that were based on the older products.

SCAYT plugin for TinyMCE 4
WSC Dialog plugin for TinyMCE 4
WSC Dialog for HTML Editable Controls

However, instead we are offering much better and flexible integration with WSC Proofreader. It can be easily integrated with almost any WYSIWYG editor, including classic HTML editable elements.